Scorpion takes great pride in providing the highest quality, security solutions on the market.

Our products are designed to allow consumers to interact with devices while maintaining the highest level of security for your valuable electronic devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and wearables. The best part about our products? The installation process is seamless and self installation takes hardly any time at all, especially compared to our competition’s devices….The consistent feedback that we have received from our customers has been that Scorpion products ELIMINATE THEFT!

We had a recent installation successfully completed by the FTR (Fear the Roar!) team and their devices look fantastic on display. Our team is thrilled that we were able to supply FTR with our high security phone solutions to keep their devices protected. Congratulations to the Fear the Roar Team on their grand opening! We wish them the best of luck as it has been an absolute pleasure working with their amazing team!