COVID-19 has forced retailers to get creative in many ways. They continue their efforts to keep Holiday shoppers in stores and safe. What will this mean for in-store shoppers and theft? In a recent study, 56% of respondents said they still plan to shop in stores as the majority them also said they have more free time to shop this year and will use that extra time to look for better discounts and deals…In person.

Although many shoppers started early this year, dating back as far as August and September, many believe there will still be an in-store last minute surge for those looking to button up their Holiday shopping lists. Are your valuable assets safe, specifically your electronics? Let’s face it, Holidays or not, it has been a real challenge for retailers to keep these items safe. Displays are looking empty and it’s not because they are selling out…

Our team has been working around the clock with customers and prospects who have been inquiring on how they can keep their valuable assets safe through the Holiday season and beyond. We offer a variety of high security solutions to protect items like phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches and much more. Our products are designed to withstand even the worst theft attempts and have a proven track record of eliminating theft for our customers. Our products also allow your staff the ability to focus on sales and customer satisfaction as opposed to constantly worrying about theft and having to look over their shoulders. We’ll take the worry out of the equation! Inquire with our team today on how you can stop theft at your retail location, have additional pain points you’d like to discuss? We look forward to it. One of our specialties is custom design and prototyping, and we’ve helped many retailers design innovative, custom security solutions, even major OEM brands.

–Mike Barlow, National Account Manager