Scorpion Security Products to Help Retailers Combat Theft This Holiday Season

Businesses are seeing increases in shoplifting as a lingering effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vestal, NY—‘Tis the season for securing coveted gifts, scoring incredible deals and if you’re a retailer–protecting yourself from shrink. When stores are crowded, every second an associate spends safeguarding against potential theft is a missed opportunity to make a sale. This makes way for not only individual theft but also organized retail crime. Last holiday season, “flash rob” and “smash and grab” events made the news as groups swiped tools, designer bags and smartphones in bulk. 

This year, pandemic-fueled worker shortages will combine with inflation concerns to once again set the stage for elevated levels of retail theft. At the same time, high-end electronics brands are unveiling their latest releases in hopes of securing spots on holiday wishlists. Historically, Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones have been some of the highest theft items for retailers. While they are often secured inside stores, their high price tags make them attractive targets for thieves. 

Still, retailers shouldn’t automatically expect loss if they stock the items that top shoppers’ lists. The right education, technology and training can protect businesses this holiday season and year-round. 

Scorpion Security Products, the world leader in mechanical retail display security, has detailed these safeguards in its latest white paper, 3 Strategies for Navigating Retail Theft This Holiday Season. Company executives are excited to speak with reporters about retail security trends and solutions in the weeks ahead. 

“Our patented technology lets sales associates focus on their customers, and customers focus on the technology in front of them,” says Vice President Annie Bensley. “Retailers trust Scorpion to deliver theft-proof technology and adapt quickly to the latest digital devices hitting the market.”