Scorpion Security Products Appoints Paul B. Frydman as President

Vestal, NY, December 16, 2021: Scorpion Security Products, a leader in the retail security industry, announced that Paul Frydman, formerly COO/CFO has been appointed as President. Frydman joined the company in late 2019 and has played a pivotal role in the company’s success. His background and expertise in operational management and finance has largely contributed to the growth of Scorpion. “Paul joined our company 2 years ago and his positive impact on the entire organization was immediate. During his first two years with us, Paul navigated Scorpion through the uncertainty of the Global Pandemic while successfully maintaining Scorpion’s aggressive growth plans and new product launches,” said Pete Gulick, Scorpion’s Founder, CEO and now former President.

The announcement came at the company’s Annual Holiday gathering on the evening of Saturday, December 11th where Pete Gulick and family presented Paul with a memorable plaque. “Paul has made excellent decisions at all levels to advance Scorpion and has shown elite leadership skills that has gained the respect and admiration of our staff, suppliers and of course our customers and partners. Paul’s ideas and vision for the future of Scorpion are clear and he has a well-defined plan to take us to new heights.”

“Scorpion is a Family of great individuals that the Gulick Family is proud of in so many ways.  We consider Paul to be an extension of our immediate family as he cares for Scorpion like it’s his own company; with compassion for others and positive energy passed on to all. We could not be happier for Paul nor prouder of him for his accomplishments and vision for Scorpion’s future.  Congratulations Paul, well deserved,” Pete remarked.

Before starting with the company, Paul spent the past 20+ years in the SMB software space. After all this time, his passion for the industry was waning and he was looking for a change. “I wanted to wake up feeling energized again, to have that passion – I knew something was missing.  I told myself I would not settle.  I didn’t care if it took one month, 6 months or a year. I was determined to find a career where I would wake up every day with that feeling again, even if it came with the challenges of entering a new industry,” said Frydman. Two years ago, he took the call that would change the course of his professional career, forever. Paul went on to say, “don’t get me wrong, there are always challenges, but Scorpion has provided me that spark I had over 25 years ago when I accepted my first job.”

In his new role as President, Paul will continue to lead Scorpion into its next chapter, which includes executing aggressive growth goals and strategies, with a young, ambitious group. According to Paul, the team at Scorpion is a family to him, and they have made his job easier by waking up each day with the mindset of “how can we achieve our goals and help keep Scorpion as the number one solution in the industry.” Paul’s leadership and mentorship has been key to energizing the entire organization and it is under the direction of Scorpion’s CEO over the past 2 years that Paul credits where he is today within the company. “I want to thank Pete for support not just these past 2 years, but for the past 14 years as he took a vision and created this special place. His passion and energy are contagious, and I hope I can allow him and his family to finally enjoy time in a warmer climate,” proclaims Paul.

With Paul’s new leadership role and the New Year fast approaching, Scorpion is beyond excited for 2022 to explore new heights, release new products and continue to be the leader in retail display security.