It’s no secret that technology is evolving at an incredible pace—And that “it” has become indispensable in our daily lives. With each wave of rollouts, whether it be phones, tablets, laptops or smartwatches—Each launch is that much better than the last, faster, smarter, sexier… And of course more expensive. These accelerating shifts are in no way slowing down, we live in a completely different world than we did a couple of years ago. Digital nomadism is not only a thing, it’s a way of life; and with that way of life comes even more change in technology and push for innovation.

The tech industry has some amazing things on the horizon, some that will be completely game-changing. How does this affect us? Well, we too have got some big things coming in 2021. Scorpion is the pioneer of the retail industry, we consider ourselves a future-forward innovator, and one that is constantly evolving with the times.

So, what are we asking of you, as a retailer? Demand more from your display security this year. You can no longer afford to have those $2,000+ devices sitting pretty on a display with a security device that is not going to actually keep it secure. Does it look nice? Sure! But does that really mean anything when the device goes missing after its first debut? Let’s face it, you can’t sell what you can’t see. With so much emerging tech entering the market, we’ve really pushed our team to the limits, and have asked for something different—Products that are beyond anything that we’ve ever created. That is one thing that Scorpion takes great pride in, delivering. Our team is getting very close to announcing a new product line that will be revolutionary to the retail sector, Security products as groundbreaking as the tech they protect! Worrying about theft will be a thing of the past, and your team will be able to maintain their focus where it needs to be… On driving revenue. Let your products sit pretty on display, but knowing that they are protected with the highest rated security on the market. The merchandising features of these products will be something to talk about- You just wait.

Have we got your attention now? Whether it be phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches or any other product—You can count on Scorpion to protect those valuables. Demand more from your security. Stop Theft. Focus on sales. Trust in the Scorpion Way.

For more information on these groundbreaking products and to learn how you can cut shrink for your store location(s), just drop me a line or a message, I can’t wait to share what we’ve come up with.


Andre Villa, Vice President Strategic Accounts & Asset Protection

M: 314-359-0781